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Schedule tasks inside events • Organize tasks & events in projects • Create templates for common events • Use analytics to see where your time is going • And much more

Built for:

Remote workers
Digital nomads
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Works with
Google Calendar
Super easy setup
1. Connect your Google calendar
2. Wrap you event title with double squared brackets: [[Title]]
3. Click on your private link in the event description
Calendars haven’t changed for decades
Time is our most precious asset.
The way we use our time defines all outcomes of our lives. Yet, we manage time with software that hasn’t innovated for 20+ years.
We are here to change that.
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Organize events, tasks & notes in projects

Projects allows you to build relations between events to add context, control progress, time allocation, find connections, create workflows and so much more.

Turn every event into a workspace

In timeOS you can fill your events with tasks, notes, links and other items to bring as much context for the event as you need.

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Reuse your events as templates

Events are the most powerful when reused. Create your own set of events that commonly occur in your life and start planning and structuring your life as never before.

Or find one in timeOS activities library

Morning routine

Share your projects with anyone

Just drag n drop your event template on your timeline to schedule it. Share schedule with people. Easily see what's ahead for you.

Time blocking is the secret power of superachievers

timeOS is powered by time blocking - a proven, flexible, and powerful productivity technique top performers use to win every day and keep progressing long-term.

Benjamin Franklin

Founding Father of the United States

He was the first to adopt time blocking and starting to schedule his entire day on a piece of paper.

Elon Musk

The most productive man on the planet

Elon plans his day with a designated time window for each task, in 5-minute intervals.

Jack Dorsey

Founder of Twitter & CEO of Square

Jack is keeping his astonishing productivity by theming each day of the week.

Cal Newport

CS Professor, bestselling author of 7 books

Marc Andreessen

General partner at a16z, Mosaic founder

Bill Gates

Cofounder of Microsoft, philanthropist

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