timeOS is a calendar that lets you build and manage your daily schedule in seconds across all areas of your life with smart time blocks.

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Current calendars are the fax machines in the 5G era.
We are living in an attention economy where current tools are treating our time as an object, not an asset. They are invisibly devaluing our time and neglecting its mechanics. They take our time, not give it back to us.

The only thing that holds humanity from the next evolutionary level is that we don't put the time we share on this planet at the red hot center of everything we do. We need a shift to the time economy and timeOS will make it happen.
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Say Hello to the life in flow state

Create time blocks

In timeOS blocks are the building blocks of your time. Each block has its own set of parameters like title, duration, start and end time, recurrence, buffer, and visual appearance settings.

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Add blocks to templates

Blocks are the most powerful when reused. Create your own set of blocks for activities that commonly occur in your life and start to plan and structure your life.

Or explore timeOS block library

Morning routine
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Fill blocks w/action items

From tasks and meetings to links and locations and more, it’s all there. Replace countless apps struggling to keep you productive. Simply type "/" and access everything right from your timeOS timeline.
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Link blocks and items to [topics]

You can link any block to any topic you want such as a person, project, idea, task, or literally anything other. Linking allows you to build relations between blocks to control progress, time allocation, find connections, create workflows and so much more.

time block like a pro

It's a proven, simple, very flexible, and surprisingly effective way to help you actually work with your time and stay productive on a daily basis without constant context switching.

Benjamin Franklin

Founding Father of the United States

He was the first to adopt time blocking and starting to schedule his entire day on a piece of paper.

Ben Franklin's system >

Elon Musk

The most productive man on the planet

Elon plans his day with a designated time window for each task, in 5-minute intervals.

Elon's approach >

Jack Dorsey

CEO of 2 public companies Twitter and Square

Jack is keeping his astonishing productivity by theming each day of the week.

Learn more on Jack's theme days >

Cal Newport

CS Professor, bestselling author of 7 books

Marc Andreessen

General partner at a16z, Mosaic founder

Bill Gates

Cofounder of Microsoft, philanthropist

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